May 11, 2010


É irresistível não resistir àquilo que você ama, não tem absolutmente nada a ver com a razão.
O problema talvez não seja demorar tanto a esquecer. O problema deve estar em esquecer TÃO BEM que nem aprende a não cair na mesma armadilha.

"When I'm old and nostalgic I'll look back and remember these days. I will remember you. But in spite what you did, I'll try my best to remember you as the one who once drove me for a minute so I wouldn't get much rain outside in the parking lot. I'll remember the good things. Yes, it' my choice to keep the good things inside my memories. Because how terrible life would be if I woke up every morning feeling the pain from all that has ever happened to me in my life? Like, how would life be if we could remember the pain of being born... I would be lying on the bathroom floor crying all day. But nothing good would come after me if I stayed there. No one would come for my help. I have to get up and live, hoping and making my best to see good things happening. And if I get hits like this while I'm standing up, imagine what they would do to me if I were laying on the ground...
Credo, quanto drama... Ainda bem que se não lesse, não lembrava. Prefiro mesmo guardar as coisas boas.


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Luiz Fernandes said...

você me faz sentir catarse com esses textos

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